How can you help?

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There are many ways how you could help this platform become better and help blind people. If you are interested in helping in any of the points below, please contact us at

Spreading the word

For us the most important is to help the world to know about this platform. To reach all the blind people so they are aware of this opportunity – we want to improve the life as many blind person as possible. On the other hand we would like to reach a lot of warm-hearted people all around the world who would put time and energy helping our cause. Speak out to your friends and business contacts about this cause. You can also post on social media using the #videoforblind hashtag.


Should you be a blind person or sighted volunteer using our platform, we are looking forward to receive your feedback how we could improve the platform! Drop us an e-mail to

Enhanced Audio Descriptions

Creating as many descriptions for videos as possible is our primary task. We need as many volunteers to our network as possible who would check the video requests from blind people and create written and/or spoken narrations. We need volunteers from all countries all languages. One interesting aspect of our platform is that even blind people are able to help other blind people by translating existing narrations to other languages. For example given an English narration at least in text format is available a blind person can also translate it to an another language.


We would like to make the platform available the most languages possible, and for that we are looking for translators who could translate the texts used in the mobile application.

Web and application developers

The admin interface for volunteers are written in Angular 8, and the web application is using Ionic 4 and MEAN stack. In case you have experience with these technologies we welcome you to take part of the development of the platform.

Social media experts

We are looking for talents who could help us to improve our social media strategy and manage our posts to spread the word and gain followers.

Graphic designers, video editors

Currently we don’t have a branding, we would like to have a nicer logo, better marketing website and help for our social media experts with producing content.


By sending donations you will help us for covering the costs of web / application developers, development tools and licences, webservers, narrators and running fees of the foundation. We are currently registering the legal entities that will allow us to gather funds. Please drop us an e-mail and we will notify you as soon the foundation is successfully registered.