Sample narration

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This article is showing the structure of a narration on a practical example. Even if one can understand the language, there is simply so many information that cannot be realised just by listening to the video. This simple narration has been created by Emily Reid.

Uncle sells at Khan Market



A light-skinned man in his 60s squatting at a street corner. The man is wearing a worn-out purple sweater with white specks on it. You can see part of the collar of a white shirt that he wears under his sweater. The man is wearing light brown trousers. His hair is very short, and he has a round face with a stubble of a grey beard. His ears are quite large. You can see that the man is blind because his eyes—especially his right eye—are shut. He has a fairly large belly. The man is called “Uncle”.

Varun Pruthi

The other character is a young Indian man named Varun Pruthi. Varun has dark black hair and a characteristic black eyebrow. His short, black, wavy hair is well styled. Varun is wearing a light grey leather jacket. Under the open jacket, we see he is wearing a black shirt with some white writing on it. Varun is wearing stylishly torn light blue jeans and a brown belt with a big metal buckle.


Street corner

We are in a city, we see a light brown wall behind the uncle, he is squating at the corner. Right to the Uncle we see a window, with a vase with flowers some silver cups. Left to the uncle we see the pedestrian street and also an old white van. The right door of the van seems damaged, noone is sitting inside it is parking.


Uncle and Varun meeting at the street corner

Druration: 0:00 – 0:51

The old man – Uncle – is holding a short pile of thick white floor cleaners that are tied together with a piece of string. Uncle shows the cleaning cloths to Varun who takes them in his hands. Uncle realizes by feel that Varun has taken the small package from him. Then, Uncle takes out two packages of napkins wrapped in plastic. Varun takes one package of napkins while Uncle retains the other on his left leg. They continue to talk.

Many people are passing between the cameraman and the two protagonists. We see the middle parts of the passers-by, not their faces or their feet.

Varun buying napkins

Duration: 0:52 – 1:31

Then, we see by the change in camera angle that Uncle is really sitting on a stair, not squatting. Uncle carries his wares in a huge light brown bag. He pulls out various clothes from the bag and hands them to Varun who offers to buy them all. Varun stands up and pulls his wallet from his right pocket. Then, he crouches down again with a pile of banknotes in his left hand. One at a time, Varun slowly gives Rs 500 banknotes to Uncle. In total, Varun gives Uncle 6 banknotes equaling 3000 Rs.

Uncle feels each note slowly. At the end, Varun gives Uncle an affectionate light hug by placing his right hand across Uncle’s shoulders. It is a very touching moment.

Saying goodbye

Duration: 1:32 – 2:00

Then, Varun’s hand rests on Uncle’s knee in a supportive, friendly gesture as we see the pile of clothes Varun has bought from Uncle.

They discuss how Uncle traveled to get to that spot. Varun asks if they should take Uncle somewhere.

People are still passing by. Many are curious for one reason or another.

Uncle leaving the spot

Duration: 2:01 – 2:21

Uncle stands up and puts the banknotes inside his sweater, maybe in a pocket.

Uncle has a wooden stick hanging from his left arm. The large bag is on his right shoulder. The camera zooms toward Uncle’s face. Uncle is smiling as tears roll down his cheeks. He is happy to have sold everything, touched by Varun’s generosity.

He moves slowly down the street.

Closing scene

Duration: 2:22 – 2:36

We can see a black screen with white writing, that says “When it is dark outside, just follow the voice inside which tells you to fight never give up. We request you to share this video to support humanity #PleaseHelpThoseInNeed, He sells at Khan Market, New Delhi”

Subscription lead out

Duration: 2:37 – 2:50

Various video cuts from Varun requesting the viewer to subscribe.